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Russian Priest's Vestment Sizing Guidelines

In order to establish your vestment size according to the system used in our store, you will need to take two measurements while wearing a well-fitting cassock (all measurements in centimeters):

1. Measure from shoulder to shoulder, pulling the measuring tape tightly around your back. Start measuring at the point at which the two seams intersect on one shoulder, and end at the same point on the other shoulder. This measurement is the first number in the sizing designation, i.e. 54 / 145.

2. Measure down your back from the bottom of the cassock collar all the way down to the bottom of the cassock hem. This is the second number in the sizing designation, i.e. 54 / 145.

When buying a podriznik, you will want to find a fairly precise fit, i.e. staying within several centimeters of your actual size for each measurement.

When buying a vestment set, the shoulder size should likewise be within several centimeters to ensure a good fit. However, the height measurement has a bit more flexibility: i.e., if your size is 145 then you could wear vestments sized between 140-150, keeping in mind that a 140 will be a bit on the short side while a 150 will be a bit on the long side.